November 3, 2019

AGM Minutes- November 2019

Official AGM Meeting Minutes – Monday, November 4th, 2019 5:06:08 am – Meeting called to order by President Dan Sinclair (PDS) Vice President Bindi (VPB) nominates Whitley G. Shark for associate membership.  2nd by Quenton (QN). Vote called for by Harry Hotdog (HH).  Nomination passes 5-1  (1 abstention) 5:09:17– VPB nominates Rooney for provisional membership.  2nd by QN. Vote called for by Harry Hotdog (HH).  Nomination passes 5-1 (1 abstention) 5:11:32 –  Secretary Spiny Norman (SSN) moves the members take a lamington break, 2nd by Brienne (BB), Oral vote passes unanimously. 6:24:18- Meeting resumes.  SSN moves the official font of SMA be Gotham Book.  2nd by QN. Vote called for by […]
September 26, 2019
streaming Mascots Alliance IBC

The first ever SMA European trade show meetup!

IBC 2019 saw the first ever Streaming Mascots Alliance European meetup! In the above photo you can see Dan, Spiny and Whitley gathered together at the StreamShark booth at IBC. A great time was had by all! There were plenty of stories and escapades shared over Tim Tams and luke warm stroopwaffels. Unfortunately Harry was forced to remain at the vMix booth to make sure that at least 1 SMA member was doing their job! You never know who might turn up and want to join the Alliance. Bindi was also unable to attend IBC and Dan and Eamon sent their apologies.
September 20, 2019
Streaming Mascots Alliance- Harry Hotdog

Harry hits the spotlight!

This year at IBC 2019, there was a real change whispering through the winds, ushering in a new Streaming Mascots Alliance superstar. Although Dan Sinclair has been the face of the vMix Media Conglomerate for many years, not many people know that Harry has played a pivotal behind-the-scenes role. Harry has decided to take a brave step forward to become more visible among the vMix ranks and it’s really paid off. He’s heavily featured on 2 of the 3 vMix IBC 2019 mousepads! This is a prestigious acknowledgement of his tireless efforts and hard work over many years. Congratulations Harry!
August 2, 2019

SMA Featured Member: Spiny Q Norman

In these blog posts we like to ask the Streaming Mascots Alliance members 7 questions to find out a little more about them! What’s your favourite movie? Hedgehog in the Fog by Yuriy Norshteyn Where’s your favourite place in the world to be? Under a well-trimmed Portugese laurel. Is your biggest weakness that you work too much? That, and mealy worms.  I just can’t resist a good crunchy mealy worm. Can you? Describe yourself in a sentence… Member of a subfamily (Erinaceinae) of Eurasian and African nocturnal insectivores that have both hair and spines which they present outwardly by rolling themselves up when threatened. The best thing about the Streaming Mascots […]
June 21, 2019
Spiny Norman VFTLS

Spiny Norman On The VFTLS

On the vMix Fun Time Live Show for June 2019, many vMix setups were featured in the Picture Postcards segments. Spiny Norman sent in the X-keys setup and was featured in June 2019! Just another great way that the Alliance is able to synergise! Great Job Spiny! You really are a rising star!